Author: Jeff Young

Data Dives And Shoe Leather: How NPR’s Howard Berkes Investigated Appalachia’s Black Lung Epidemic

This week, NPR’s Howard Berkes released an investigation into federal records that show more than 2,000 coal miners are now suffering from the most severe form of black lung disease, Progressive Massive Fibrosis, or PMF. Berkes found that despite clear warnings two decades ago, the mining industry and government regulators did little […]

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Firing Offense: Where Ohio Valley Senators Stand On Special Counsel Mueller

“Why don’t you just fire the guy?” The question came in a press availability with President Trump soon after he learned that federal agents, acting on information from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, had raided the offices of his personal lawyer, Robert Cohen. The president visibly warmed to the question. Arms crossed, he answered, […]

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