100 Days, 100 Voices

In 100 Days, 100 Voices, photographer Nancy Andrews presents photographs depicting the diversity of voices across Appalachia. These portraits strive to show the varied faces, passions, issues and opinions from around the region.

'There's a reason we're baptized in water'
Why Bernie? Why now? People share their reasons to hear Bernie Sanders
These Republican and Democrat millennials show us how to get along
'It's about choice,' says supporter of education secretary Betsy DeVos
'It could be me next,' warns Jimmy Pan
'You have to be hopeful,' says Bernie Sanders supporter
We ask a Muslim-Appalachian with Kurdish roots her response to Immigration ban

If you have an idea for ‘100 Days, 100 Voices’ please contact Nancy Andrews on Twitter @NancyAndrews or email at nancy.andrews [at] mail.wvu.edu.