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Charlottesville’s Other Jim Crow Legacy: Separate and Unequal Education

The Virginia city has one of the widest achievement gaps in the U.S., and a ProPublica/New York Times analysis shows that white students there are about four times as likely as black students to be considered gifted. This article was produced in partnership with The New York Times. CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. […]

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It’s the First Statewide Teachers’ Strike in Nearly 30 Years

The West Virginia House of Delegates has approved a plan to use part of yearly budget surpluses to help fund public employee health insurance. The bill comes as thousands of teachers, school service personnel and other public employees took to the Capitol Thursday, Feb. 22, to rally lawmakers for better […]

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How much are students improving in your school district?

A massive new study shows which districts are having a bigger impact on student performance. The results might surprise you. A new study that examines educational progress of millions of U.S. pupils over a five-year span finds that there are few patterns for predicting how geography or socio-economic status affect […]

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