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Becoming A Father: Adopting A Foster Child

I knew I would be a father someday. I just assumed it would happen the normal way. My wife Whitney had other ideas. She suggested that, instead of going the traditional biological route, we should become foster parents. After some long conversations, she had me onboard, too. I wrote the […]

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From Grandfather to Grandson, the Lessons of the Tulsa Race Massacre

My family sat down to watch the first episode of HBO’s “Watchmen” last October. Stephen Williams, the director, included quick cuts of gunshots, explosions, citizens fleeing roaming mobs, and even a plane dropping bombs. We’ve come to anticipate these elements in superhero films. As the sepia-toned footage spooled across the […]

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Coronavirus Is Spreading Through Rural South’s High-Risk Population. Reopening Economies Will Make It Worse.

In the rural South, the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming a silent disaster. As rural residents commute to jobs in cities and transportation hubs, they’re being exposed to the virus and bringing it home to a population already at risk. Chronic diseases that can lead to more severe COVID-19 symptoms are […]

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