Documenting Hate

A church cornerstone in Charleston, West Virginia. ME South churches are located through the central and southern Appalachian region. Photo: Laura Harbert Allen/100 Days in Appalachia

White Supremacy in White American Christianity, Explained

The phrase “White Christian Nationalism” may well be the religious term of 2022.  Since the House Subcommittee hearings on the January 6 Insurrection this summer, many Americans have seen photos and videos of Christian flags and crosses alongside banners supporting then-President Donald Trump.  Seeing the overt mingling of Christian symbols […]

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I Spent Three Years Running a Collaboration Across Newsrooms. Here’s What I Learned.

ProPublica worked with close to 200 newsrooms in the U.S. to crowdsource hate crimes and bias incidents as part of our Documenting Hate project. The collaboration is wrapping up, but its lessons are worth remembering. ProPublica’s Documenting Hate collaboration comes to a close next month after nearly three years. It brought together […]

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Once Defiant, All Four White Supremacists Charged in Charlottesville Violence Plead Guilty

Guilty pleas last week by two prominent members of the Rise Above Movement came after pledges to fight federal charges and claims that those jailed were political prisoners punished for their controversial views. Last year, when federal authorities arrested and charged four members or associates of a white supremacist gang for […]

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Safety Concerns Force Postponement of Rally Opposing White Nationalists

UPDATED April 27, 2017: Organizers say they have postponed a counter-rally organized by local youth due to “previously unforeseen credible threats to the safety of our attendees and our community,” according to organizer Ariana Velasquez. The “Rally for Equality and American Values” had previously been moved from a centrally located […]

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