Author: Nancy Andrews

‘We are Called to be Stewards of God’s Creation, Not to Rape and Pillage and Plunder God’s Creations.’

Just because we’re located in a rural part of Appalachia, this part of Virginia and in a small, rural county — don’t count us out. The people here — they have lives, they have lives that tell stories. Morris Fleischer: Depending on the measurements, we’re basically in the zone. We’re […]

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What if You Could Attend College, for Free?

I still identify as Appalachian — just because I learn or experience these different cultures doesn’t mean that I lose who I am. — Taylor Styles Paige Davis: When I saw my job assignment I was like, ‘Broomcraft?’ My mom says, ‘It’s a cult, you are making brooms!’ So, I’m just […]

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If Farmers Can Raise Stuff and Directly Market it to People in the Area, You Can Create a Different Kind of Profitable Business Model

I think a lot of people in my generation have the same problem. They love the farm and they recognize how valuable and great it is. But like what do we do with it? — Marshall Bartlett Marshall Barlett: We’re in Como, Mississippi on my family farm. I’m the fifth generation […]

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