Author: Nancy Andrews

Dropping by ‘World Famous’ Pat’s Snack Bar in Manchester, Kentucky

Tyler Pennington, 27 and Travis Marcum, 25, were behind the counter serving up the burgers at the “World Famous” Pat’s Snack Bar in Manchester, Kentucky. Pennington is a co-owner with family members. World Famous? “It’s always been that way. Whenever it became ‘world famous,’ ” explained cook Travis Marcum. Marcum […]

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‘If I’m Not Helping to Create More People Like Me…Then I Risk My Art Form Dying With Me.’

I love to teach beginners because of that moment where maybe they’re going to realize there’s a musician in there somewhere. Jennifer Rose Ramsay Escobar: I am a professional musician and dancer, definitely a product of my raising at Berea. Sometime in the last 20 years, Berea has been designated […]

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