Author: Emily Allen

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is Dead. But for Some W.Va. Landowners, It Lives on

This story was originally published by Mountain State Spotlight. For more stories from Mountain State Spotlight, visit  When Jeff Mills moved to Doddridge County with his wife nearly 50 years ago, he wanted enough land to hunt and fish. Now retired from decades with the West Virginia forestry division, […]

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Williamson, W.Va., has become known as a center for the use of prescription opioid painkillers, which has worsened the outlook for many younger West Virginians. Photo: Tyler Evert/AP Photo

While One West Virginia Town Waits for an Opioid Verdict, Others Still Wait for Their Day in Court.

This story was originally published by Mountain State Spotlight. Get stories like this delivered to your email inbox once a week; sign up for the free newsletter at Every morning, peer recovery coach Misty Dillon heads into work and has no idea how her day will unfold.  In April, […]

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Wrestlers And Fans Venture ‘Out Of The Darkness’ With Drive-In Show

You’ve heard of drive-in movies and drive-in restaurants…But how about drive-in professional wrestling? The All Star Wrestling company out of Madison (Boone County), West Virginia, held its first drive-in event Saturday night to more easily adhere to social distancing guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic. More than 50 cars surrounded a padded […]

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Staying Home Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Stay Healthy – Experts Promote Telehealth During Coronavirus

Medical experts have spent years promoting telehealth as an option for rural areas with little access to in-person care. Now, after West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice issued a “stay home” order that took effect on Tuesday, March 24, some medical providers are offering telehealth as a way to keep more people healthy at home […]

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W.Va. Lawmakers Consider Taking On Parole, Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform In 2020

It’s no secret West Virginia lawmakers are concerned about the state’s large incarcerated population. The Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety reports there are 5,300 people occupying the state’s 11 at-capacity prison facilities, and 4,980 people occupying its 10 regional jails, which on Monday were 19 percent overcapacity. One […]

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Governor’s Office Posts Summary Of DMAPS Investigation Into Nazi Salute Photo, Announces New Firings

Gov. Jim Justice has announced additional firings following an investigation into a class photo of West Virginia corrections officer trainees giving an apparent Nazi salute. Those firings, which include a class trainer and the entire cadet class, come after initial firings and suspensions were announced earlier this month. A summary of […]

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