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Front Porch Politics: ‘White Rural Rage’ gives voice to my rage as a rural leftist

How can a book be filled with broad generalizations, cynical misrepresentations, and ill-defined parameters — yet still feel true?  I’ve been grappling with that question ever since reading “White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy.” Published earlier this year, authors Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman argue that rural America […]

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Front Porch Politics: GOP Attacks on Appalachian Campus DEI Efforts Are About More than Universities

I became president of the Outlet Alliance, our version of what was then popularly known as a gay-straight alliance, my freshman year at Western Kentucky University. I held this position for three semesters before concentrating on my role in the Student Government Association.  In my capacity as the SGA Director […]

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Photo: Marilyn Lands for State House District 10 via CNN Newsource

Front Porch Politics: An Alabama Democrat’s Roadmap for Defeating Trumpism in Appalachia

You may not have felt it, but last week, Appalachia experienced a political earthquake. The epicenter is Huntsville, Alabama, where Democrat Marilyn Lands won a special election for the seat in Alabama House District 10. The seat was left open after  Republican David Cole resigned following his conviction for voter […]

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Megan Gandy, from Morgantown, West Virginia, began singing and playing guitar on her front porch for friends, family and her community through Facebook live. Photo: Kristen Uppercue/100 Days in Appalachia

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It was on the muddy banks of the Scioto River that Hillary Clinton’s electoral ship began sinking in 2016. At a CNN townhall in Columbus, Ohio, Clinton – then in a heated primary battle against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont – infamously said, “We’re going to put a lot of […]

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