Covering A Culture War

They’re Not All Racist Nut Jobs – And Four Other Observations About The Patriot Militia Movement

The so-called patriot movement is grabbing headlines once again, as its members pledge to protect Trump supporters at the president’s campaign rallies across the country. For the past three years, we have studied the rise of the patriots while reporting, writing and editing a nonfiction book, “Up In Arms: How […]

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An Epidemic of Opioid Documentaries — Who Is that Stranger with a Camera?

It’s been more than five years since documentary filmmaker Sean Dunne of Peekskill, NY, released Oxyana. The IMDb description reads, “The ‘Hillbilly Heroin’ epidemic that’s slowly rotting the soul of rural America.” As the film begins, a harrowing mist rolls over the hillsides and wooded ridges of Oceana, WV , while […]

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