Author: Kara Lofton

States Lack Standards for Treating Opioid-Dependent Pregnant Women– Experts Say That’s Ok

If you ask state departments, “Are there standards of care that all facilities treating opioid-dependent pregnant women have to follow?” The short answer is, “No, there are not exact protocols on how to do that,” said Dr. Connie White, deputy commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Public Health.  “Like anyone […]

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New Research Challenges Idea Behind ‘Deaths of Despair’

Low-income Americans are dying at a higher rate than high-income Americans. In fact, the life span of low-income Americans is becoming shorter – a trend largely attributed to drug and alcohol-related deaths, which has been called deaths of despair. “The least well-off Americans have seen their wages become stagnant, their […]

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Tobacco Use Among High School Students is Skyrocketting. The Likely Culprit is E-Cigarettes.

In one year, from 2017 to 2018, tobacco usage among American youth skyrocketed by almost 40 percent. The culprit? E-cigarettes.  The trend reverses decades of public health efforts to combat tobacco consumption, which alarms people like Mercer County Commissioner Greg Puckett.  At his office, Puckett pulls out a box filled with tobacco […]

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