From an Urban Journalist: Times Prints Another Tired Stereotype of Appalachia

“Give me the streets of Manhattan,” Walt Whitman implored, and Eduardo Porter suggested avoiding rural America, maybe especially Appalachia.  Well, I’ve tried both — Manhattan’s concrete for over 20 years — and the mountains of the Blue Ridge and the Smokies and the Cumberlands and the Alleghenies from Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia for most of […]

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The Tree of Life shooting devastated all of Pittsburgh. I can’t help but ask: Why aren’t Black lives mourned this way?

In the aftermath of the Tree of Life tragedy, where 11 Jewish worshippers were killed by a white supremacist terrorist, the world heard from elected officials, professional sports teams and even national celebrities that in Pittsburgh we, “Love Thy Neighbor, No Exceptions.” Many in Pittsburgh’s African-American community wondered what city […]

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The New Normal in American Politics

On election night election analysts try to make sense of the results, put them in some sort of context, and describe whatever patterns and forces have produced electoral outcomes. Good luck following that script in 2018. Indeed, the 2018 election is not following any normal midterm script. Turnout expectations illustrate […]

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