100 Days in Appalachia is seeking a knowledgeable, creative and motivated part-time digital managing editor to help shape the editorial voice and social strategy for our award-winning publication in online and social media. 

The ideal candidate has a talent for crafting stylish headlines and copywriting with experience in copy editing and social media strategy for digital media with a strong focus on managing and recruiting freelance contributors. We are seeking someone who can work collaboratively with our team of editors, writers and reporters, as well as other project partners, to create a fresh, consistent voice across our digital platforms. The managing editor will also assist with selecting and editing visual elements for news and social media products that effectively support that voice. Depending on the contract, they will also be responsible for contributing to the creation and curation for our weekly newsletter and other community engagement products.  

The part-time managing editor will have a passion for supporting storytelling that explores the complex narratives and current state of Appalachian perspectives, culture and divides, while also cultivating difference-bridging reporting that earns trust and builds community among our diverse audiences. 

The ideal candidate is an Appalachian native who lives in the region, but we will also consider applicants who have chosen Appalachia as their home. We anticipate an initial commitment of 35-40 hours of work per month in this part-time position but are open to flexible arrangements with the right team member and the potential for this position to grow over time. 

To apply, send a resume, cover letter and three writing samples, either of your own or that you edited with a description of your work in the editing process, to the executive editor at [email protected]. If those samples are on a digital platform that has a paywall, please include a login.

100 Days in Appalachia is a digital news publication that serves regional, national and international audiences seeking new insights and rural context for the political fractures that resonate across many American communities. Our mission is to push back against the national narrative of the region that has reduced it to a handful of narrow stories and amplify the missing voices and unique perspectives of Appalachia.