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‘100 Days in Appalachia’: Call for Pitches



This election year has revealed the deep social, economic and political fractures stressing communities — and American discourse — to the breaking point. While the nation’s growing rural/urban divide attracts a global audience and a steady stream of analysis in the election’s aftermath, in Appalachia we are no strangers to the issues at hand. We are these communities.

100 Days in Appalachia is an experimental project designed to burst the filter bubble of social news and to candidly narrate the first 100 days of the new administration from within the heart of a region dubbed “Trump Nation.” We hope to tell the political, economic and human stories of communities that are more complex than national narratives have allowed. We are inviting a diverse range of new voices and perspectives to contribute to narrating — in words, pictures, multimedia and experimental media — this first 100 days in Appalachia.

This project is published by West Virginia University Reed College of Media Innovation Center in collaboration with West Virginia Public Broadcasting and The Daily Yonder.