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When the World is Remade, Make It Like Appalachia

Commentary: But this time, let’s also invest in critical infrastructure—including healthcare. Recently, the warning I give my son changed. Usually, I tell my adventurous 9-year-old, who is high-energy and prone to stunts: I don’t want to take you to the hospital. Since the coronavirus pandemic, I have had to say: […]

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Hand-washing and Distancing Don’t Have Tangible Benefits So Keeping Up These Protective Behaviors Will Be Tricky

In recent weeks, Americans in many states appear to have successfully begun to “flatten the curve” by following prescribed behavior. People have been washing their hands frequently, maintaining physical distance from others, wearing face masks and even sanitizing doorknobs and disinfecting food and packages brought into the house. This has […]

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Grim Choices: Doctors Told to Put Patients with Disabilities at Back of Line for Ventilators

As cases related to the novel coronavirus continue to strain hospitals, doctors face difficult choices about rationing scarce medical resources like ventilators – choices that will likely determine who lives and who dies. Several states’ policies tell providers to allocate scarce resources to those most likely to benefit. For example, […]

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