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Robert Mitchell has taught in the Pittsburgh public school system for 26 years, but COVID has drastically changed what his school day looks like. Instead of being in the classroom with his students, Mitchell has created a digital workspace in his home where he teaches his middle school students Spanish. Photo: Justin Hayhurst/100 Days in Appalachia

In the Union Strongholds of Central Appalachia, Labor Struggles for Health Benefits Echo in Teacher Vaccination Efforts

Robert Mitchell gets up while it’s still dark. Since the pandemic began last March, Mitchell, who has taught in the Pittsburgh city school system for 26 years, rises early to make sure his digital classroom is set up for the day.  Between lesson planning – which includes some off-screen Spanish […]

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Commentary: Remote Learning Highlights Inequities in Public Education. But A Premature Return to In-Person Learning Could Be Worse.

Defending plans to reopen schools at the deadliest, most infectious period of this pandemic yet, some officials have invoked the right to education in their state constitutions. A West Virginia Department of Education spokesperson recently remarked that the inequities of remote learning are “a derogation of the right to a […]

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