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A deep dive into life as a teen boy in Appalachia

Photo essay by Curren Sheldon


"There is no one way to be a man – nor is there one way to be an Appalachian man. Our region contains multitudes, and perhaps in no way is that truer than in the type of men you will find here. "

Read a narrative on growing up male in Appalachia from Appalachian essayist Skylar Baker-Jordan

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Helvetia, West Virginia

A high school junior living in the Swiss village of Helvetia, West Virginia, with plans to join the Air Force.


Fairmont, West Virginia

A middle school teen from Fairmont, West Virginia, navigating life with his adoptive family.


Charleston, West Virginia

A student athlete at Capital High School in Charleston, West Virginia, with plans to become a first-generation college student.  


Ripley, West Virginia

A high school senior from Ripley, West Virginia, with a passion for creating original comedy trap music on TikTok and YouTube.


Ripley, West Virginia

A transgender youth who has found community in Ripley, West Virginia, with the hopes of heading out-of-state for college.


Kermit, West Virginia

An LGBTQ+ teen from the coalfields of West Virginia, now studying music at Marshall University.


Nitro, West Virginia

A boxer from Nitro, West Virginia, who is the eldest child of 11 children to a baptist preacher.

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