There is More Than One Religious View on Abortion – Here’s What Jewish Texts Say

Alabama’s governor signed a bill this week that criminalizes nearly all abortions, threatening providers with a felony conviction and up to 99 years in prison. It is one of numerous efforts across the United States to restrict access to abortion and challenge the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. […]

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Alabama Senator to the IRS: Stop Picking on the South

Why are the rural poor audited more frequently than other groups, he asks, citing ProPublica. Another Democratic senator adds, “There are two tax codes in America, and there are also two enforcement regimes.” On Monday, ProPublica published a map showing where IRS audits are most concentrated. The South stood out. The […]

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The Problem with Expecting God and an Elegy to ‘Bridge the Divide’

“I know we can’t bridge it, but how do we help make it better?” That’s how journalist Salena Zito posed the question of how to approach a public reckoning with the ever-increasing ideological and cultural split between progressive metropolitan areas and conservative small-town America — as a malady of modern […]

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