Government Shutdown

Federal Shutdown Leaves Appalachians Wondering about Impacts on Agriculture, Environment

Update Jan. 25, 2019, 2:59 p.m.: After 35 days of the partial government shutdown, President Trump announced from the Rose Garden at the White House that he will sign a legislation reopening the government until February 15. President stressed that he is still committed to obtaining the funding for the wall on the southern border […]

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EPA Plan to Manage Toxic ‘Teflon’ Chemicals Delayed by Shutdown

During a sometimes contentious confirmation hearing Wednesday on his nomination to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler was pressed by members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works about the impact of the government shutdown on the agency. Wheeler noted one casualty of the ongoing partial government […]

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Federal Workers Begin to Feel Pain of Shutdown as 800,000 Lose Their Paychecks

President Donald Trump wants $5.7 billion to fund a border wall to keep out undocumented immigrants and “criminals.” Democrats in Congress say the wall is a waste of money that wouldn’t solve any of America’s actual immigration programs. Caught between the two sides are about 800,000 federal workers whose agencies […]

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