Future of coal

Abandoned Coal Plants Are a Huge Opportunity

They’re cavernous, solidly built and often on prime urban land. Now, they’re being reborn as everything from charter schools to solar farms. Before it was shut down in 2013, Nanticoke Generating Station on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie was the largest coal-fired power plant in North America. Built in […]

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Just Transition: Amid Climate Debate And Coal’s Decline, West Virginia Considers Its Future

This article was originally published by Ohio Valley ReSource On a recent soggy Wednesday evening, dozens of West Virginians packed a conference room inside the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center to discuss the need for a “just transition” for coal-impacted communities. As the nation grapples with climate change, the need […]

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Coal Isn’t Dying. It Moved to Asia.

In the United States, coal, that supervillain of fossil-fuels, is in a death spiral. But on a global scale, there’s no spiral, just an arrow pointing to Asia. Turns out coal isn’t dying; it’s moving. A report out Tuesday from the International Energy Association reveals the extent to which coal […]

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