Domestic Extremism

Who Watches the Polls? W.Va. Election Officials Dismiss Federal Concerns over Threat of Domestic Extremism

During last month’s presidential debate, President Trump encouraged his supporters to, “go to the polls and watch very closely.” His call to action was followed by claims that voter fraud was already occurring this election cycle, citing alleged examples in Pennsylvania and West Virginia that were debunked within days by […]

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Photos: On the Ground with the Militia Groups Who Marched in Louisville This Weekend

On Saturday, two gun-toting political groups planned to square off in downtown Louisville. NFAC, which stands for the Not F**king Around Coalition, had announced their plan to hold a march through the city earlier this month. Multiple 111%er militias took to social media to call on their members and like-minded […]

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National Media Want You to Believe Antifa and Boogaloo Are ‘Two Sides of the Same Coin.’ Here’s Why They’re Not.

It’s been a month since protests, rallies and marches erupted in the streets of American cities and Appalachian communities to demand an end to police brutality and reforms to our criminal justice system. Not long after the demonstrations began, authorities began to use the term “outside agitators” to explain how […]

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