Just Another Wednesday: When the DOJ Purdue Plea Agreement Was Announced, Harm Reduction Activists in Appalachia Were Busy

Last Wednesday in Portsmouth, Ohio, a team of organizers with River Valley Organizing Project was out canvassing and encountered a man outside a corner store who was overdosing. The organizers were having folks fill out a survey—asking them what they love about their community, what they’d like to see changed, […]

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Communities Brace for Loss of Another Industry as Minor League Baseball Plans to Leave Appalachia

Major League Baseball’s plan to shrink its minor league system is upending a century of professional baseball in West Virginia and throughout Appalachia.  The contraction plan, culling more than a quarter of its current teams, is forcing small towns to scramble for alternatives, including joining college or independent leagues. It’s […]

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No One Knows Appalachia’s Story Quite Like We Do – So We’re Going to Tell It.

Four years ago, our country was in the midst of one of the most divisive elections in history — one that deepened the divide between rural and urban America. Misrepresentations and overgeneralizations in national media coverage contributed to a homogenized, simplified portrayal of Appalachia – but that’s not a new […]

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