Black Lives Matter

Q&A: Two Young Appalachian Activists on the 2020 BLM Movement and What’s Happened in Their Community Since

During Black Lives Matter rallies that swept Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, last summer, Madison Mellinger and LeShan Wilkinson, both 20, began documenting the movement in the community as part of a personal photo project.  The image that stands out most in their minds a year later is the same for both: Mom […]

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Black Lives Matter activists march through Terra Alta, West Virginia, on July 10, 2020. Photo: Chris Jones/100 Days in Appalachia

Q&A: A Black Journalist Turned Community Organizer Shares the Lessons They’ve Learned on How to Make Our Coverage of Race Equitable, Not Extractive

Over the past few months, we’ve been presenting local and regional journalists with tips on how to cover a topic that at times can feel like it’s all encompassing: white supremacy. And as we’ve presented this help to journalists in undersourced newsrooms, we’ve tried to remind you that you must […]

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Photos: On the Ground with the Militia Groups Who Marched in Louisville This Weekend

On Saturday, two gun-toting political groups planned to square off in downtown Louisville. NFAC, which stands for the Not F**king Around Coalition, had announced their plan to hold a march through the city earlier this month. Multiple 111%er militias took to social media to call on their members and like-minded […]

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