Author: Eric Eyre

Bankrupt Purdue Pharma Spending Thousands to Keep West Virginia Court Records Secret

This story was originally published by Mountain State Spotlight. Get stories like this delivered to your email inbox once a week; sign up for the free newsletter at Purdue Pharma, the bankrupt drug company that makes the opioid painkiller OxyContin, is paying its attorneys up to $1,050 per hour […]

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As a Big Opioid Trial Looms in West Virginia, the Firms Being Sued are Getting Huge COVID-19 Contracts from the Trump Administration

This piece was originally published by Mountain State Spotlight. For more stories from Mountain State Spotlight, visit Since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump’s administration has been heaping praise and awarding contracts to prescription drug distributors that are being accused of fueling the opioid crisis. […]

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