Author: Mylana Chico & Rebecca Jerome

Fact-check: Does West Virginia Rank in the Top Quarter of States for Education Spending?

Does West Virginia rank among the top quarter of states for public education spending? That’s what the West Virginia Republican Party said in a Twitter thread recently that criticized the school system for subpar performance benchmarks. In the April 5 thread, the party made the case that “West Virginia’s education system […]

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Fact-check: Did States with Charter Schools Cluster Below West Virginia in ACT Scores?

West Virginia state Sen. Mike Romano, a Democrat, recently took a swipe at charter schools. A Feb. 2 tweet by the West Virginia Senate Democrats quoted Romano criticizing a low ranking for the state in a report published by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group. Romano sought to turn the […]

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Fact-check: Did Opioid Overdose Deaths in West Virginia Fall by 8.5%?

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., offered a note of optimism about her state’s struggle with opioid addiction in a Jan. 22 tweet. Capito tweeted, “Thanks to successful federal, state, and local efforts, preliminary statistics show opioid overdose deaths are down 8.5% in West Virginia. Awesome news!” Thanks to successful federal, state, […]

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