Author: Caitlin Tan

7 Important Stories About Appalachia You Probably Won’t See In Mainstream Media

Stories about Appalachia tend to fall into two camps– quaint stories about cultural oddities, or reports about grim health and economic statics that our region struggles with. And while those stories have merit, they aren’t the only stories that matter. In West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s latest episode of Inside Appalachia, […]

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How One University Mascot Has Influenced Generations of West Virginians

West Virginia University’s mascot, the Mountaineer, is a big deal in the state. In fact, fans are called ‘Mountaineer Nation.’ West Virginians have long identified with the mascot as it symbolizes independence, strength and curiosity — a true frontiersman attitude.  On a football gameday, the Mountaineer stampedes down the field, […]

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